Zero Waste Gospel / Doctrine

Taking a Business Ethics class in my college years was a monumental moment to say the least. It opened my eyes on how wicked modern civilization is towards the environment. I felt utter shame and guilt to the point where I couldn’t even look at the water bottle I bought before the class in front of me. As I threw it away, I pledged that it would be my last ever plastic bottle I would ever use in my life. Lol.

Should the super rich, be super rich?

According to Comparisum, Jeff Bezos’ wealth is set to increase exponentially and leapfrog the other hard contenders of the ‘soon-to-be trillionaire club’. Putting that into perspective, Bezos is now 36% richer than the British monarchy and approximately makes a rough amount of $2,480 per second (more than twice the amount the average worker in the US makes within a week). Putting that into perspective, we can probably agree that it changes all definitions of the word “rich”. Which brings us to the famous old question: Should the super rich actually be super rich?