Upperclass Chindo Lifestyle Examined Through Baudrillard’s Theory of Simulacra

Only when I came back home to Jakarta a year after where I reexperienced all the cultural norms, the subtle barometer that a collective holds, and genuinely felt the pressure to be performing do I fully grasp the totality of it. So, this is my best attempt of understanding Baudrillard’s theory through the ‘object’ and lifestyle that I am most exposed to Upperclass Chindo Lifestyle.

A Brief Look Into Indonesia’s Hidden Pandemic on Whatsapp: Fake News & Misinformation

If you’re in a family Whatsapp group chat, there’s a big chance that you’ve come across some of the weirdest and wackiest pieces of content to have ever been made. In other words, fake news (or to keep it simple, hoax). The word “hoax” itself is so ingrained within Indonesian social media that it’s pretty much become a buzzword that’s commented on any given post that presents some sort of statistic or claim. At the height of the pandemic and in the midst of self-quarantine, I asked my friends to send me some of the most absurd fake news messages they got in regards to COVID-19. I wanted to know more about what the World Health Organisation describes as an ongoing fight against an “infodemic” of fake news and misinformation. So here’s my brief look into the weird and dangerous world of misinformation during the pandemic.

Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial: Di Balik Layar

Baru-baru ini Menteri Koordinator Bidang Pembangunan dan Kebudayaan, Muhadjir Effendy mengeluarkan pernyataan bahwa universitas perlu lebih banyak mencetak lulusan bidang sains. Pandangan yang sama juga dikemukakan tahun lalu oleh mantan Menristekdikti, Mohamad Nasir.
Basis argumen dari perspektif ini adalah bahwa lulusan ilmu alam jumlahnya kalah banyak dari lulusan ilmu sosial, dan kondisi ini tidak sesuai dengan ‘kebutuhan industri’. Pernyataan ini membuat saya geleng-geleng kepala, dan saya yakin saya tidak sendirian.

It’s Time we Push for an Indonesian Data Privacy Regulation, and Here’s Why you Should Care

A while back ago, the largest eCommerce platform in the country, Tokopedia suffered a data breach that led to the loss of 15 million user records. It was also revealed that the hackers kept the details of 91 million users up for sale on the dark web.